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Welcome to Infinity Filings

Serving Entrepreneurs

We help your business grow, we help INDIA grow !

Welcome to Infinity Filings

Serving Entrepreneurs

We help your business grow, we help INDIA grow !

Welcome to Infinity Filings

Serving Entrepreneurs

We help your business grow, we help INDIA grow !



Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Always on Time

We at Infinity Filings understand that legal matters need to be handled at priority and within time and this is why we go that extra mile to always be on time for you.

Quality Driven

Quality is not an act, its a habit AND Trust Us, we are used to it ! At Infinity Filings, we understand that your business deserves quality treatment & we'll pamper it just like you !

Client Confidentiality

We understand the trust that a business has with its advisors and we hold that trust very seriously. Don't worry, all your details are very secure with us.

100% Client Satisfaction

Our goal is to have customer satisfaction thats not just the best but legendary! Our clients are the heart of the organisation and we all like a happy heart!

Our Offerings

We are ready to improve and grow your business and help achieve expected success. Offering innovation and flexibility, quick and high result-oriented work. Get the skills you need to stay competitive in the world of business

Privately-held companies are companies owned and controlled by a small group. This means that, in most cases, the company is owned by the company's founders, management or a group of private investors.

The concept of One Person Company is a new form of business structure. It is for single entrepreneurs who wish to run a business under a corporate formation.

Understanding the legal and revenue compliances in India is tough, so to help you run your business smoothly we present guides and information booklets.

Limited Liability Partnership is a business structure with 2 or more persons who associate together to run a business. It is a partnership which has got a corporate structure.

With the ideology of One Nation, One Tax. Goods & Services Tax is a new tax reform to advance the collection and compliance of Tax at all levels.

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a very important document required in your every financial transaction. Get your's now!

Tax deducted/Collected at Source (TDS) ensures that the Government's collection of tax is preponed. Returns need to be filed every quarter along with issue of Form 16/16A.

Income Tax Returns need to be filed timely for avoiding Interest and late filing penalty. Timely filing also ensures that refund is received on time.

We Support Digital India

Digital India is a campaign of GOI so that every Indian is Digitally Empowered. We Support the initiatives of the government in this regard. Our services behold the aim of Digital India so that you get all your business solutions digitally.


India's GDP is $8.72 Trillion. Out of which 83 % comes from Industries and Service Sectors Combined. Its the outcome of the Businesses YOU do! We help your business grow, WE Help India Grow!


Lets Build Great Businesses Together, Lets Build INDIA Together !